What’s in our Concentrated Chicken Broth:

Chicken Stock
Our broth is a slow-cooked combination of both chicken meat and bones. Mmmmm!

Sea Salt
We use salt harvested by the evaporation of ocean water. The minimal processing (vs. regular iodized salt) is more environmentally friendly and leaves behind certain trace minerals and elements which add flavor and are believed by many people to have health benefits.

Natural Flavor
The delicious roasted flavor of Tastetopper is inspired by the famous free-range Asian Mountain Chicken, which is celebrated for its pre-dominance of rich dark meat.

Chicken Fat
The chicken fat in Tastetopper Concentrated Broth is infused with rosemary, a natural anti-oxidant, which helps keep our broth fresh longer.

We use just a pinch of natural cane sugar to round out the flavor of our broths.

Maltodextrin, though unfamiliar to many home chefs, is a starch made from corn. We use this ingredient to improve the mouth feel of our concentrated broth product.

Yeast Extract
This is a natural savory flavor booster, discovered and popularized by Japanese chefs as an alternative to MSG (mono sodium glutamate).

Xanthan Gum
Though the word “xanthan” may sound odd, it is actually just the natural byproduct of the fermentation of plants. We use xanthan gum to keep the ingredients in our products from separating.